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Nicholas J. Ritter Companies was established in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011 and was relocated to Livingston, Montana in 2017.

​We offer a full range of services in residential design, construction and real estate ranging from new construction, addition, renovation, historic preservation, real estate development and real estate sales.

Our all-encompassing approach to residential real estate helps provide clients with the knowledge and expertise needed to make informed financial decisions.

​We take a humanistic approach to design, based on the function of your daily life. Each space is designed to meet the level of intimacy desired. Every detail is taken into consideration. We strategically analyze and design each project to maximize views while maintaining privacy and take advantage of natural light to create warm and inviting spaces. Our goal is to provide finished products that makes an elegant statement that not only lives up to your expectations but exceeds them.

​Having a full understanding of your expectations is the single most important criteria in developing a final product that truly reflects your vision. We will help to explore options and guide you through what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process. We provide ongoing consultation on how alterations affect the overall design, time frame and budget.

Proper design is an investment balanced by scale, monetary value and quality of the final product. Any imbalances will produce unsatisfactory results. We want your investment to be durable, useful, maintenance free, and most importantly, something you love.

​We detail our drawings with appropriately selected materials, which draws the distinction between a simple building and great design. We believe that a respectful and meaningful design enriches life, communicates ideals and unifies the environment.


Nicholas Ritter attended the School of Architecture at Texas Tech University, receiving his B Arch in 2005. After graduating he returned to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he focused on custom residential design and construction management.  

In 2011, he started Nicholas J. Ritter Companies, focusing on custom design, historic preservation and construction in Santa Fe. 

In 2017, Ritter relocated to Livingston, Montana to bring his love of fly fishing and the outdoors closer to home.  In Montana he has continued to build his portfolio in custom residential design, and construction, while adding real estate development and real estate sales to his skill set.

In 2023, he stated Freestone Real Estate Group. 

Ritter owns and operates Nicholas J Ritter Companies and Freestone Real Estate Group. 

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